Look at me as though I’ve caught your eye for the first time. As if time and space were the only things keeping us a part. Look through my eyes as if they were the window to my soul, the story to your book and the foot to your step. As if dreams and thoughts were the only things keeping us a part. Look at me.

Written by me
Brittany Elaine Thomas



Why do we as humans rush life? We want to grow up fast, force love(and everything that comes with it), etc… We go through life so fast that we miss the small things which are the most important things. Yes, growth, love and everything in-between is great and wonderful but rushing and forcing is not. Patience and living life is what truly matters because when you look back on life you’re going to regret rushing. Life is not a race but instead a gift.


Expressing ones feelings is a must. Life is too short to be keeping ones emotions locked deep within, whether it be friends, family or partner. You never know when it will be their last breath so communicate, speak up, share your emotions, express!


It’s funny how things work out in the end. In the beginning, people blame things on you, talk down about you, kick you under the rug, and have these people called “followers,” that follow and believe every lie that comes out of their mouths. Then when you finally part and make peace with yourself and others, they want to come back like nothing never happened. Isn’t that hilarious? Why is that? Is it because they are lonely and realized that the only real and true friends they had were the ones they threw under the rug? Or is it because they have realized how good you are doing and that your life is moving forward while they are still in the past? Is it funny how things work out at the end?

Don’t look at another’s relationship and compare and contrast. Why is that? The reason is because not every relationship is perfect. We are on the outside looking in and only see what they want us as the viewer to see. So instead of looking at another couple, look at your own relationship because what you have another couple doesn’t.

compare and contrast

We as people tend to blame others when we know we are in the wrong. I’m I saying that, that particular person isn’t wrong? No, but when you know in your heart that you took part in something that made the outcome worse, difficult, or non existent, you shouldn’t blame another. That is why many relationships whether it is a friendship or not are ruined. Take a step back and examine the situation instead of running off with something that is/was falsified. Therefore, don’t blame others for your mistake.



Family is something that we as people take for granted. Why is it that we tend to show off, boast, take down, and cut off family or in other words push our family away but keep the boy/girlfriend, friend etc around. Yes, family can be difficult but look at it this way, you are a PART of them. We always say “I am not like them,” “I am different,” but look in the mirror, we are an extension of our family whether we like it or not. Family, is something some people long for and want, so the next time you bash, boast, take down, and cut off your family or certain members remember that at the end of the day family is ALL you have.


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