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It’s crazy how life works. When we sit back, complain and wish things will get better, nothing happens other then no progress. However, when we get up, stop complaining and take life by the horns and control it, everything works for the better. So if you are feeling down, depressed, tired of having no results, etc… GET UP and LIVE LIFE because at the end of the day its your life and no one else’s. 


ImageEntertainment has truthfully taken over the minds of young people everywhere. I have came to the conclusion that I will not be on Twitter nor Facebook none the less when the Grammy’s, BET awards, VMA’s, MTV, VH1 and other award shows are on due to the lack of control the people in my generation have. I find it amusing but sad at the same time because there are the ones out there that say things that don’t make sense and then there are the ones that are so addicted to these entertainers that they go nuts about over that particular person as if their lives revolve around these people in which they probably do which is absolutely sad and that reflects a sign of no life and no life. Even on Instagram, where it’s about pictures, people are having argument’s about Beyonce, Rihanna, KimK, that it’s ridiculous and once again sad. Yes, some artist can’t sing live, sound horrible and have that one bad performance but lets get over it because at the end of the day they are making the money each time there name is brought up, and sleeping peacefully when you are getting red in the face about someone that said something about your “favorite.” artist and acting a fool. Get it together. 



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