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As I am sitting here thinking about my life, a smile is upon my face. When I look at what I’ve been through and where I’m going, I can’t help but to think about my friends along the way. I truly believe that people underrate friendships. Yes, there are those friendships that are good, bad and ugly but overall friendships are very important and vital to everyday life. Some friendships don’t last long due to circumstances while others lose it’s substance, however, every friend plays an important role within our lives. When I think about my friends, I think about the ups, downs and the paths we have created for ourselves and is still creating such as girlfriends, boyfriends, marriage, children, college degrees, jobs, etc., and it’s just the beginning. My friends are great individuals and I am so bless and happy to have them in my life. Are we the same? No. Do we have different point of views? Yes. Do we have arguments? Of course. But at the end of the day we respect one another. I can truly say that my friends are an extension of me and that makes me smile within.


This is dedicated to my friends



It’s funny how things work out in the end. In the beginning, people blame things on you, talk down about you, kick you under the rug, and have these people called “followers,” that follow and believe every lie that comes out of their mouths. Then when you finally part and make peace with yourself and others, they want to come back like nothing never happened. Isn’t that hilarious? Why is that? Is it because they are lonely and realized that the only real and true friends they had were the ones they threw under the rug? Or is it because they have realized how good you are doing and that your life is moving forward while they are still in the past? Is it funny how things work out at the end?

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