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It’s crazy what silence and relaxation can do to you. Here I am laying in my bed listening to slow jams/ r&b and as I reminisce on my day I realize that it was great. Even though some points throughout my day were low, I can’t lay in my bed and ponder about the little things. We as humans have to stop letting the bad overcome the good in our lives. Life is short.


In life we have those teachers that teach just to keep a job, give test, and give grades and that makes them look and feel as though they have a form or power, but every once in awhile we have that teacher that doesn’t do the previous. Instead they care about you, your future and what you will bring to the table in the future along your path of life. We as students tend to lose motivation and confidence when things seem to fall apart in school and this can relate to anyone anywhere whether its within the home, parents, or life in general. We lose confidence and motivation because there is no one that care enough or isn’t pushing us hard enough to succeed in our walk of life and that is what determines our path overall.

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