On June 6, 2015, I was proposed to by my boyfriend of four years. I had a feeling that he was going to pop the question, but I didn’t know when, where or how he was going to do such things.

So how did he pop the question?

How he ask? As I was helping him move and arrange boxes, etc., in his apartment, we started to talk about the future as we always do. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about the future, whether it’s our individual goals, or goals  we have together. He then started to walk towards his room. As he was proceeding, he said “Brittany come here.” I started to follow him. When I met him in his room, he started to say the word OUR , which isn’t new to me because that word was in his/our vocabulary everyday, but this was different. As he was talking he started getting teary eyed and began pouring his heart and soul into the atmosphere around us. He reach into a case he had on the dresser and pull out a box with a white ribbon tied neatly around it. He started to cry heavily but manly at the same time and I started to cry with him as well. We both were crying together and our souls connected. Slowly but surely, he got down on one knee and ask me the following question. “Brittany Elaine Thomas, will you marry me?” He was shaking and I gently put my arms around him and I said YES! He looked at me as I was wiping the tears that were flowing from his eyes and said ” I couldn’t wait any longer and that it was the right time.” We call our parents right after that before anyone else knew.

Now that’s part one!  Part two was what was suppose to happen but he couldn’t hold it in any longer. We was over my sis house for our nephews 2nd birthday party. I went to the restroom and as I was coming out, I heard my song playing in the background. The song was “Grow old with you,” from the movie, The WeddingSinger which is one of my favorite movies. As I walk into the living room my nephew Kyran said “I found this,” and gave me a ring. When I turned around Zach was right there, got down on one knee and said “Will you do me the honor in becoming my wife,” and I said YES, once again.