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It’s crazy what silence and relaxation can do to you. Here I am laying in my bed listening to slow jams/ r&b and as I reminisce on my day I realize that it was great. Even though some points throughout my day were low, I can’t lay in my bed and ponder about the little things. We as humans have to stop letting the bad overcome the good in our lives. Life is short.


As I look back on my life, I have realized that I am my greatest obstacle. Yes, I can say that he/she did this and that but overall it all comes down to me and MY actions. I am 23 and it is time for me to take a stand and truly say “Yes I can.” I know that us as humans tend to blame others for our setbacks but it is up to us to make a comeback. Life is to short to be waiting around for someone else to make a move for you so instead get up because you are your biggest obstacle.  



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