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It’s crazy how life works. When we sit back, complain and wish things will get better, nothing happens other then no progress. However, when we get up, stop complaining and take life by the horns and control it, everything works for the better. So if you are feeling down, depressed, tired of having no results, etc… GET UP and LIVE LIFE because at the end of the day its your life and no one else’s. 


It’s crazy what silence and relaxation can do to you. Here I am laying in my bed listening to slow jams/ r&b and as I reminisce on my day I realize that it was great. Even though some points throughout my day were low, I can’t lay in my bed and ponder about the little things. We as humans have to stop letting the bad overcome the good in our lives. Life is short.

Don’t tell me life isn’t worthwhile when your not living YOURS!

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