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Feeling invisible is the worst feeling especially when it’s coming from the people/person that mean the most to you. As you’re walking around and smiling internally all of a sudden it goes away cause when you say hi, touch their shoulder etc, you get no response but if you do, it’s quit and subtle. Feeling invisible is the worst feeling especially when it’s coming from the people/person that mean the most to you, when you want to be seen the most.


I am one of those people that keep quiet and to myself but I know everything just by looking. Is it a blessing? Yes and no because at times it can be great but at other times it can be displeasing. Body language, they way people talk, respond, what they post on social networks, stare etc is something that lets me know what is going on without the person directly talking to me. Yea, I am one of those people.  

We as people tend to blame others when we know we are in the wrong. I’m I saying that, that particular person isn’t wrong? No, but when you know in your heart that you took part in something that made the outcome worse, difficult, or non existent, you shouldn’t blame another. That is why many relationships whether it is a friendship or not are ruined. Take a step back and examine the situation instead of running off with something that is/was falsified. Therefore, don’t blame others for your mistake.


Lifting one another up is a must. How can we not? We tend to get jealous of people’s success and forget to congratulate them, we see people sad and turn the other cheek, we see people going through the motions and we ignore. Why is that? It is mind-blogging to me that we as humans want others to lift us up when we need it most but get mad when no one comes to our rescue and don’t bother to lift us up and then you have the look of loneliness, and confusion upon your face. Lift UP your friend, neighbor, family, and a stranger because you will never know when you will need someone the most and by you lifting someone else up, you will lift yourself up as well.




Wake up with a sense of wonder, love, joy, ease and forgiveness. You would be amazed of how much a difference it would make within your life and others that are around you. Life is precious and we tend to take it for granted. As I look on the news and see people killing one another over none sense, people on social media talking about this and that and bashing other people, and then the people that are caught up in situations just cause. STOP IT. It takes so much energy to be angry, stressed, loud, evil, malicious, etc… Life is much more than that. Do you know how much life you are wasting? We all know the saying, ‘Life is short,’ but even though we are know it, we still tend to ignore it, why is that? If it is because of your surroundings which may include people, places, and things, CHANGE IT. Life is to precious. Take each day as an adventure because if you waste it on the wasted, you are going to end up with nothing at the end.

I just don’t get it. Why is it that when people get upset about something that has nothing to do with you, they use all their energy to transfer their anger towards you? That is how you lose people that mean the most to you. So for future references, don’t get mad at the people that don’t deserve it.

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